What are your meal kits?

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A typical MOXY meal kit is a locally sourced, fine dining quality coursed meal, that includes all items necessary to complete at home. Instead of just a collection of ingredients, we pre-prep and portion everything out for you. It's almost like we're teaching you how to be a line cook yourself. Each kit comes with written instructions and video that teach you how to complete your dish. All the enjoyment of cooking dinner without the hassle of shopping and prepping yourself. Please view an example of our Pasta Kit below!

When can I order?

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All pre-orders open Thursdays at 10AM and close Tuesdays at 8PM. This allows one 6 days previous to pick-ups to order!

When are the Pickups?

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All pick-up days and times are selected when purchasing your kit! These pick-ups run Thursday-Saturday between 1:00PM and 6:30PM. Kits are all pre-orders! Please do not expect when purchasing a Thursday kit to pick-up same day (purchasing on a Thursday is for the following Thursday).

Do you Offer Delivery?

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Choice of pickup or delivery will be available during your checkout process.

Delivery will ONLY be on Saturdays between 11AM-2PM!

Upon arrival, we will text you as a notification and place the kit on your doorstep unless notated otherwise! Please notate in the comments during check out if there are special delivery instructions/ important access to your humble abode! All deliveries will be within a 10 Mile radius of Downtown Cincinnati!

Free delivery-- $55 Minimum Purchase

Do you have Vegetarian/Vegan Options?

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Yes! Our Vegetarian Kit is available weekly. Please reach out if you are Vegan and would like a kit! With enough interest we would be able to make an additional Vegan Kit weekly. 

What if we have an Allergies/Dietary Restrictions?

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Please reach out with any and all allergies or dietary restrictions BEFORE purchasing a kit. We want to ensure the safety of our guests. All ingredients are not listed on our menus. Once we give the green light that your kit is safe for your consumption please remind us with a note during your checkout process. We take these concerns extremely serious!

Do you cater?

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Yes! We are available for all types of catering. Just send us an email and we can discuss all options available!